Pit Stops

Imagine filling up your car and changing all four tires in less than 25 seconds. That's exactly what happens during an IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge pit stop - and much more.

What To Watch For:

No one is allowed over the wall until the car comes to a full stop.

Three crewmen are then designated to perform routine tasks on the car, such as refueling and tire changes. The crew can also service other mechanical work if necessary, including changing brake pads and rotors, adjusting the aerodynamic wing, and repairing any damage from contact.

If a driver change is taking place, one crewman is also allowed over the wall to assist in connecting the incoming driver's radio, air hoses, drink tube and safety belts. A minimum of two drivers are required for every race.

A speed limit of 60 kilometers per hour is strictly enforced for all cars driving in the pit lane. Anyone caught speeding must serve a drive-through penalty down pit lane or risk being black flagged during the race.