Bodymotion Racing Is Ready to Take on the Challenges of Home Race Saturday at Watkins Glen

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The most successful team from the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area in the IMSA Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge series, Ocean Township, N.J.-based Bodymotion Racing, and its four drivers, who all live in New York or New Jersey, are chomping at the bit to do battle with their Porsches in the IMSA Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge race at their home track, Watkins Glen International in Watkins Glen, N.Y. this Saturday afternoon, June 30.

The race is double the usual distance, as it's four hours long instead of two. It's also the first event of five in the space of eight weeks. Pop-up thunderstorms are notorious in the Finger Lakes region in the summer, but to a man the Bodymotion drivers say, "Bring it on!"

Bodymotion Racing, which finished second last year in the championship of the series' top class, Grand Sport (GS), by the smallest of margins, fields the No. 5 Porsche Cayman GT4 MR sponsored by Med Compass and Competition Motorsport in that class. Its drivers are a former champion in the Street Tuner (ST) class, Stevan McAleer of Monticello, N.Y., and rookie Joe Robillard of Short Hills, N.J. The co-drivers of the team's ST car, the No. 21 Porsche Cayman sponsored by Competition Motorsport and Delaware Funds, which finished second in class in the only other four-hour race on this year's schedule, the season opener at Daytona, are Jason Rabe of Monticello, N.Y. and rookie Max Faulkner of Rumson, N.J.

Preparation is a key to the test the team will undertake, and it's been working hard to prepare for anything it might face at The Glen. Its sponsor, Competition Motorsport, has been doing the same.

"Competition Motorsport is gearing up racers from coast to coast, including the CMS/Bodymotion team," said the company's Pete Anthan. "The team at Competition Motorsport has been working overtime expanding its product offering for racers at every level of competition, from club to professional. If you haven't spoken to one of their gear pros yet, you owe it to yourself to give them a call and experience the CMS promise: "What you need, when you need it, no excuses.""

The Bodymotion team as been preparing to be ready for the first practice session at The Glen on Thursday at 2:05 p.m., and two more on Friday at 8 a.m. and 12:25 p.m. The ST class qualifies at 12:50 p.m. Friday, with the GS field doing the same at 1:10 p.m. All that action sets the stage for the race itself, which begins at 1:55 p.m. Saturday.

Live video coverage and timing and scoring will be offered on and The race will be telecast on FOX Sports 1 on a tape-delayed basis on Sunday, July 8 from 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. All times are Eastern.


Pre-race questions and answers follow:

1. Do you feel ready for five big events in eight weeks? How have you prepared for back-to-back races at Watkins Glen and then Canadian Tire Motorsport Park the following weekend?

Michael Bavaro, team owner: "Bodymotion has a new transporter going forward. It's larger and can carry more spares for both cars and more tools and fabrication supplies, which is perfect timing for the upcoming four-hour WGI event this weekend.  We are leaving from the Glen to go directly to Canadian Tire Motorsport Park the following weekend, so it's a great time for this upgrade."

Stevan McAleer, co-driver, No. 5 Bodymotion Racing Porsche Cayman GT4 MR: "I can't wait to get going. This is our busy season, and this is where we can claw our way back in the fight with consistency."

Joe Robillard, co-driver, No. 5 Bodymotion Racing Porsche Cayman GT4 MR: "It is the same as for every race: sim time, watching videos, and counting the minutes until the green flag."

Jason Rabe, co-driver, No. 21 Bodymotion Racing Porsche Cayman: "I've always felt like I was born to drive race cars, so I'm always ready. I'm also very fortunate to work at Monticello Motor Club coaching members and helping put together racing school programs, so I'm able to get some seat time in and I'm constantly learning!"

Max Faulkner, co-driver, No. 21 Bodymotion Racing Porsche Cayman: "I'm super excited to get into the busy season. I love racing plain and simple, so the more racing I get to do the happier I am! I expect the back-to-back weekends to be tough and tiring but again, the more racing I get to do the happier I am."


2. The Bodymotion team considers Watkins Glen its home track. How does that affect you heading into the event?

Michael Bavaro: "We have a growing fan base; they follow us on IMSA radio and on social media, and now they can come see us live. The Porsche Club has supported us, and many will join us live at The Glen. We welcome them and all race fans to come to our garage and introduce themselves."

Stevan McAleer: "Watkins Glen is one of my favorite tracks on the schedule and also what I would call my home track. No extra pressure, however; I approach it as just another race." 

Joe Robillard: "I don't see it as any different from any other place. These guys are fully committed all the time, regardless of where we are."

Jason Rabe: "You always want to perform well at any track, but yes, this one is extra special since there's more family, friends, and clients attending! And oh by the way, The Glen is one of the most historic and best race tracks in the world!"

Max Faulkner: "At the end of the day despite the fact it is the home race, I mentally prepare the same way; there's no extra pressure on us as drivers but if we manage to come away with a win it will feel just that little bit better to get our first win at our home track."


3. Bodymotion won GS and finished second in ST in 2016 at Watkins Glen. What will it take to do that again?

Michael Bavaro: "The same hard work before and during the race, great strategy, flawless pit stops, and hard-charging drivers. That's a great recipe, right?"

Stevan McAleer: "It's a big field and there is huge talent in the field, so it will take everything to get the win. Good pit stops, staying out of trouble and being in the hunt at the end will put us in good standings." 

Joe Robillard: "The longer race favors us a bit, but it takes everything to come together just right at this level in order to land on the podium." 

Jason Rabe: "I think all the right pieces of the puzzle are in place to have even better results - first and first!  The team and drivers are all confident going into this weekend since we always do perform well at The Glen!"

Max Faulkner: "Consistency is the name of the game for this race. The extra race distance will mean that we will have to be even more focused as drivers and work even harder during the race to ensure no mistakes are made, and every single pit stop will have to be flawless."


4. What is your favorite corner or segment of the Watkins Glen circuit and what do you like about it?

Michael Bavaro: "The checked flag; these long races test my patience!"

Stevan McAleer: "I like the whole thing. It has high-speed entries everywhere, so it takes a lot of confidence." 

Joe Robillard: "I love Turn 1 and the run to the Bus Stop.  It's fast, a little scary, and rewarding if done well."

Jason Rabe: "Can I say the whole track?  It has fast entries, elevation, speed, and consequences. What more can I say? It's one of my favorites because it's a true drivers' track!"

Max Faulkner: "My favorite section is the Bus Stop and the Carousel. They're two super-high-speed corners that require very different approaches, but both require maximum commitment from the drivers to maximize the car we have under us."


5. Last year's race here was two hours long but this year it's four hours. How well suited do you feel the Porsche and your team are for the longer four-hour races?

Michael Bavaro: "Better; Porsche is an endurance machine, and so is Bodymotion."

Stevan McAleer: "I do think we will be at the top end of the field and be competitive. Four hours will help with our tire wear on the competition I think." 

Joe Robillard: "I think it will be about the same, but there is more time for things to go wrong, and for things to go right! So luck can be a bigger factor, both ways." 

Jason Rabe: "The Glen suits the Caymans pretty well and after starting this season with a four-hour race at Daytona with a good result, we expect the same!"

Max Faulkner: "As we showed at Daytona earlier in the season, the longer races benefit us. We are good on tire wear and our team has done an amazing job with the pit strategy throughout the season, so we're looking to continue doing both of those things this weekend."


6. It rained very hard during last year's race at the Glen. Some drivers relish the rain, because they feel they drive in the rain better than others do. How well do you like racing in the rain?

Michael Bavaro: "When I drove I loved it; now as a team owner, it make me nervous."

Stevan McAleer: "Simple. Let it rain!" 

Joe Robillard: "I love the rain. I won in the rain at Watkins Glen, so I have asked Stevan to do his Scottish rain dance."

Jason Rabe: "I need more rain racing under my belt. It teaches you a lot, so let it rain!"

Max Faulkner: "Rain presents its own challenges but I am a big fan of those challenges, so bring it on!"